13 February, 2012

My Trimester

I am sharing this information for a reason and that being, I never encountered any problems during my trimesters and also I have a healthy son (touch-wood) .
My LMP(Last Menstrual Cycle) was 15/01/2010 and EDD(Expected Delivery Date) was 22/10/2010
First Trimester:
                       I was asked to take complete rest in this trimester. I did rest but not completely :). I quit my work as a software engineer but did all the household chores like cooking, washing vessels, cleaning. After every 2 hours I would rest for a while and get back to work. During this trimester in case you observe any slight bleeding then do not hesitate to check immediately with your gynecologist. I took
MCBM69 - 30 tablets, Sasten 300mg - 30 tablets, 3 injections of Sasten 200mg and 30 Becadexamine Multivitamin tablets. Usually an obstetric ultrasound is performed to check the live fetus with a heartbeat.
Second Trimester:
                            -->I started taking SukumaraGrita(Ayurvedic medicine) with milk in the morning. It gives the baby a healthy skin and is also good for our uterus.
-->Occasionally  used to drink powdered amla(Indian Gooseberry) water as it is a rich source for Vitamin C and we all know Vitamin C improves immunity in our body.
-->Used to go for a 20 min walk
-->Drank tender coconut water
-->Started taking 2 strands of kesar(saffron) with hot milk after bath
-->Used to eat sprouted green gram and fenugreek seeds in the evenings
-->Took Celol calcium tablet, Ferium XT iron tablet and Casein, a nutrition supplement with milk.
-->In the fifth month Antenatal Profile test( check my blog post) and ultrasonography is performed. In this the baby's weight, functioning of kidney, spinal cord, heart, length of the  nose, information about cleft lip and various other measurements are taken.
-->Took 2 tetanus injections.
Third Trimester:
                           I changed my iron/calcium tablets to Meripol and Alcal D 500. Stopped taking coconut water. Rest was the same as in my second trimester other than the anxiety part :) .

Throughout my pregnancy I ate leafy vegetables at least twice in a week. I constantly gained 1.5-2kgs per month and 10-11kgs overall. All the while my BP remained normal. I never gorged on extra sweets/oily items and kept a check on my salt in take. Even if you did help yourself with your favourite eateries, to avoid indigestion you can  have a glass a warm water with 1 tsp of powdered amla powder and 1/2 tsp of ginger powder.
Good luck and God bless :)


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