07 February, 2012

Distant Hours and Forgotten Garden

These two are Kate Morton's books. I had not even heard of her before I read these books and once I read Distant Hours I fell in love with her work.
Distant Hours is about the Blythe spinsters who leave in a decaying Milderhurst castle. The character Edie Burchill has to unravel the secrets behind those walls of the castle. I don't know how to describe her work. Its not spooky yet there is a mild scare in her words. While I was reading this book I felt my own room speaking to me... eeeiiikkkk...
Forgotten Garden is about a tiny girl abandoned on a ship and is adopted later. When she knows this truth on her 21st birthday, she is shattered and sets on a quest to find her original family which in turn leads to the Mountrachet family.She dies before knowing the truth. Her granddaughter continues her search and unlocks the secrets.

According to me both the books are

Must Read               Give a Try               Don't Bother


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