03 February, 2012

Immunizations in infants

This is a real nightmare for every mother :( . All my nails are eaten up before our planned visit to the PD for his immunization. Keeping the sentiments apart, details of the immunizations that we administered are
1. After 2 days of our son's birth he was given:
                           > OPV(Oral Polio Vaccine)
                           > Hepatitis B injection(against liver infection)
                           > BCG(Bacillus Calmette Guerin, against tuberculosis)
2. After 6 weeks:
                          > OPV
                          > Hepatitis B injection
                          > DPT(Diptheria Pertussis[Whooping Cough] Tetanus) injection
This really caused a lot of trouble. Firstly he was not able to take 2 continuous injections and above that as he was colic, one of the injections reacted very badly on him and he was crying the whole day. So, next time we administered injections with no side effects. This cost us around Rs.1250.
3. After 10 weeks:
                          > OPV
                          > Hepatitis B injection
                          > DPT injection - INFANRIX, HIBRIX, ELOVAC were given. This had no side effects.

4. After 14 weeks:
                          > OPV
                          > Hepatitis B injection
                          > DPT injection
All the above immunizations were given in my hometown. When I shifted back to my husband's place, our PD here told us that OPV nowadays is not very effective and that its always safe to give IPV(Inactivated Poliovirus Vaccice). So, we again gave him 2 doses of this vaccine too.
5. 9 months:
                        > Measles vaccine
                        > IPV1
6. 10 months: IPV2
7. 15 months: MMR(Measles Mumps Rubella) or MMRV(Varicella, against Chickenpox)
    After 7-10 days of getting this vaccine he had cough, cold and fever. This lasted for about 4 days. Am not sure whether this happens with everyone.
As of now this is all the information that I have to share.


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