28 September, 2012


For those trying to figure out what it means, its postpartum care. After pregnancy if you have your mother or your grandmother by your side then I would consider you to be blessed.I had my mother. She is one lady who can go about from 5AM to 11PM with no grumpiness or tiredness on her face.What I am about to share is specific to what my mother followed. So, I am not sure if this would help everyone who wants to know as to what needs to be done post pregnancy.
Usually postpartum care extends up to 3-4 months after delivery. So I will be sharing details in parts.
All medications usually start after 10 days of delivery. What my mother followed is
1. I had to take Dashamoolaristha for 1.5 months. This is an ayurvedic tonic which builds immunity. I guess this is given so that we don't catch cold, cough, fever and similar viral infections. Its very essential for a mother to remain healthy if she is breastfeeding her baby.
2. Always eat items hot and drink lukewarm water.
3. Take bath in very hot water(Mother used to say that doing so helps in lactation) and tightly tie up your stomach either with the traditional cotton cloth or the now available belts.
4. Before the bath massage yourself well with a good medicated oil(we call it Bananthi Thaila) mixed with turmeric and black cumin seeds. This too helps in lactation and helps in faster recovery.
5. On the 13th day, black cumin's decoction  was given. Follow this for 3 days and drink this first thing in the morning. This helps in throwing away any left out impurities from the uterus.
6. Lots of ghee, milk and thick curd is advised in our diet. Not sure why this is done. But I did follow.
7. Usually our diet consists of items made of black pepper, cumin seeds and ajwain seeds. My mom had prepared a powder out of these three and used to mix it with rice along with ghee.
8. Along with this, rice is eaten with banana flower preparation. Refer Banantana Preparations .
                          Meanwhile, when elders ask you to take proper rest, PLEASE do pay heed to their advice. It's very important for you to get rest. Sleep straight keeping your legs close together and cover them with a blanket. Drink lots of water and eat food containing iron and Vitamin C. After 2 months you might have terrible hair fall. Stop panicking and get on. Its absolutely normal.

9. Getting back, after 40 days started with shunti lehya (refer Banantana Preparations)
10. You can start with normal diet henceforth but do make it a practice to eat your food hot.
11. After 2.5 months started taking Shatavari lehya( available in ayurveda medical stores), Kade Maddu (refer Banantana Preparations) and antina unde (refer Banantana Preparations). You can continue these for another 1.5 months.

This should take care of it. Happy parenting and do take care of yourselves and most important 'Listen to what your elders have to say' ;)


Kavya Shree said...

Hey, i have no elders to tak care of me... Could you pls tell things in detail

Soumya Sandeep said...

Hey KavyaShree. Thnx for stopping by. Feel free to ask whatever you want to.

Kavya Shree said...

Thankyou n a lot... M in my 37th week now, i seriously absolutely have no information about what is the 1st thing i must do after delivery, what i could eat and what restrictions are, i am from mysore now residing Gandhinagar Gujarat, its 43 degree here , is it still necessary to wear sweater and... What should i eat i get no lehya n all thos what should i do... M completely totally worried and confused.. Pls pls ur every small info would be appreciated... I knw am asking for an explanation which take a lot of your precious time... But pls if you could explain things to me... Thanks a lot in advance sowmya ji..

Suman prakash said...

You know I had lost the confidence of doing bananthana to my daughter due to severe ill Ness and people so called near and dear ones also used to pull me down saying you can't it's not so easy but with the gods grace,my husband's support and my son in law's and daughter's support I am already on the 25th day of bannanthana to my daughter.she very Co operative and listens to me well thanks for reading my post I thank God for his blessings I am blessed with a grandson of 25days
Suman prakash

manasa said...

Can i start eating like before after 50days of delivery

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