06 October, 2012

Can't we change anything?

Right next to the window where our son sleeps, a truck is loaded with speakers and people dance to chikni chameli, am a barbie girl, boardu illada bussige hattu banda chokari(eeiiks) and such numbers and that too at 11PM. Our windows were vibrating to the extent that we almost thought they would collapse any moment now. What do you think is the occassion? It's our very own favorite Lord Ganesha's visarjane. After having read the previous line if you are thinking 'Oh visarjane is it? Why is she complaining?', then please stop reading further. You would not understand my feelings and for others who voice my opinion, why do we bear this year to year. Dont consider me to be against celebrations, in fact I love them. Lots of things change around us. Some for good and some for bad. But I dont want the bad change scoring high over good change because its our younger ones who will be living there. Let them celebrate with dholaks,drums or whatever but why make such humongous noise and dance to those meaningless numbers in front of the Lord. Earlier when a visarjan procession would come in front of our homes we would offer poojas and take the Lord's blessing. But I don't see any such act now as the procession nowadays starts only after 10-11PM.
Am I the only one who cant relate to such acts.Am I the only one so agitated?
                      It's the Bangalore bandh today. Everybody seems to be cooperating which is really very good.
Surroundings are peaceful. No shops open, no rickshaws, buses plying on the roads. I hear a group of people on motorbikes shouting 'nyaya beku nyaya beku' (we want justice). Everything seems normal for a bandh day and then all of a sudden our room is filled with a pungent smell and our son has coughing bouts. Outside the people on the bike have burnt a Tyre and the surrounding if filled with thick black smoke.

Why? Why? and Why?. When everything is going smooth according to their plans why did they have to burn that Tyre and create such discomfort and huge degree of pollution? When I witness such acts, a voice within me shouts back saying 'If its troubling you so much, why don't you do something?'. But then, Can I? Can't we change such improper acts prevailing in our society.


Anonymous said...

nice to know about your thoughts. infact when it was yesterday bandh, i was at my room, with no place to go. I think the protests should be reformed and not political. it should be environmentally friendly, with no harms to other. At the end it is also important to know what action we took on these issues.

keep blogging

Soumya Sandeep said...

Totally agree with you ....

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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