28 September, 2012

Banantana preparations

Banana Preparation
Ingredients:- Bale huvu(Banana flower, poombe), Garlic, Jeera(Cumin seeds), Pepper, Oma(Ajwain, Carom seeds)
Method:- Soak lots of garlic in water and remove off its skin. Grind it with jeera, pepper, oma to a fine paste. Later add the paste with finely chopped banana flower and heat it well until its cooked. You need to cook this well as this needs to be stored for at least 40 days.

Shunti Lehya
Ingredients:-Shunti(Ginger), Jeera(Cumin Seeds), Kalsakkare(Crystal Sugar), Bella(jaggery), Ghee
Method:- Soak ginger overnight and peel off its skin in the morning. Ginger is ground to a fine paste and heated with remaining ingredients.

Kade Maddu

Pippali - Long pepper (Piper longum)
Jayikayi Patre - Nutmeg flower
Ona Shunti - Dry Ginger
Sogadeberu - Ashwagandha, winter cherry
Dry Black Grapes
Kalsakkare - Crystal sugar
Jeerige - Cumin seeds
Vayuvilanga - Vidanga, Embelia
Gasagase - Poppy seeds
Method:- The above herbs are powdered and mixed with ghee and prepared into small balls for the ease of consumption

Antina Unde
Ingredients:- Antu(Edible gum), almonds, dry grapes, gasagase(poppy seeds), jaggery, dates, cashew
Method:- The items are slightly heated and powdered. Now reheat this with antu and jaggery and make balls. Use slight more of jaggery.


Nagashree said...

Thanks a lot for the useful info!

S said...

Would to good to get exact recipe with quantities

Sudheendra said...

Ban anti is not supposed to take cashew nuts. It increases pitta in the body.

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