11 August, 2012

First experience with art :)

I can still recall the days when my mom used to ask me to learn how to put a few stitches. But arts and sports were never in my circle of interests. Off late I have been thinking about it and thought why shouldn't I try something and the one thing that struck me was the Anchor Stitch kit. The kit comes in Flash Frame Series(14cmx16cm), Impression Series(22cmx25cm) and Masterpiece Series(33cmx39cm). This kit contains
1. A printed canvas for us to embroider
2. Cotton embroidery threads
3. One tapestry needle
A completed one will look like this

If you are an amateur holding needles and threads (like me :)), then you will find it quite a task to embroider it. But once you finish a small section you will realize that it is quite easy and fun too. Am totally impressed with my first art. Mom, stop complaining now ;) .


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