27 September, 2011

Did you know, in UniVerse

1. Dynamic array takes more execution time as it starts searching from the first position.
2. Virtual fields are also called I-descriptors, EVAL expressions or I-types.
3. UniVerse allows creation of menus and submenus with the command MENUS.
4. Pick systems impose a maximum size limitation of 32K on any item.
5. In UniVerse, 31 Dec 1967 has a value of 0. Dates before this are considered negative.
6. 0 and empty string are treated as false.
7. MERGE.LIST works only with numbered select list ranging from 1 to 10.
8. HASH.HELP works only with static files.
9. INPUT command normally takes 140 characters.
10. COUNT('abc','d') results in 0 whereas DCOUNT('abc','d') results in 1

PS: Corrections if any are most welcome. Its been quite some time I worked on UniVerse.


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