30 January, 2012

How to keep acidity at bay

You can believe me on this one without any qualms. I say this because I was suffering from acidity for almost a decade.This is most commonly seen in people having 'Pitta'(1) body type and the most common symptom being pain or burning sensation in the upper abdominal region right below your chest.  Never ignore this as a trivial issue. If unattended it might even turn fatal.
You can keep acidity at bay by following some simple routines. This is what I did

1. Most important being, eat right quantity at the right time. Many of us when busy tend to ignore our tummy calls and this is exactly what I was doing which aggravated my acidity. Now I follow a regular routine and this has helped a lot in reducing the severity of my problem.
2. Drink good amount of water.
3. Eat fried, spicy and bakery items in moderation.
4. Regularly consume cumin seeds(jeera) before going to bed. Either chew it directly or prepare a decoction of it.

If acidity has reached its threshold limit, you tend to vomit whatever you eat and along with it comes out a yellowish bitter juice. Under such circumstance, keep yourself hydrated by drinking fluids. In particular, drink warm water.
Following the above mentioned details has helped me. Hope it helps others too.

(1) - According to Ayurveda, human body is broadly divided into 3 types. Kapha,Vata,Pitta. If you want detailed information regarding this you can go through http://www.ayurvedapages.com/ayurveddic_body_types.html or read Deepak Chopra's Perfect Health book.


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