18 June, 2011

Teething in infants

Teething is the term used for baby's strong desire to bite on something real hard. This might start as early as 2-3 months. If this desire isn't fulfilled then the baby might become very fussy. Try giving some teethers. When you buy these make sure it rightly satisfies your child's biting needs. It should be such that the baby can easily hold it in its hands and should be able to bite it. We had given our son some of these. Most of them were either too large or too small for him to bite. Some also suggest giving baby carrots. But this did not work well for us. Smooth curved spoons was a favourite teether for our son. Try this, but be careful so that the baby does not hurt himself with it.Another best solution for teething is to play with your kid so that he forgets about his teething. Many of them go for some homeopathy medicines for teething. But my advise would be to first try some of the above methods and if nothing is working only then consult your PD.


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